Tires need to be in good condition to be able to offer an excellent grip on the roads. Good tires are important for safe braking and better vehicle handling. Well-maintained tires contribute to smoother and safer rides.

In order to be well-maintained, tires need to have the right pressure, proper alignment, wheel balance, and tread depth. Another factor that contributes to excellent tire condition is tire rotation.

What is Tire Rotation?

Rotation is a tire maintenance process in which the positions of the tires are changed....continue reading

The Nissan Rogue 2021 model is ready to impress car enthusiasts with its refined design and technological prowess. Let us first talk about the 3 high-tech displays, as this is the first feature that one is likely to think off the top of his head while talking about eyeball-grabbing tech specs.

First of all, the information will be all-access on an entirely digital dashboard with three displays. You will also find an impressive nine-inch touch screen. But the cherry on the top is the heads-up display. You would witness speed,...continue reading

Looking to replace the windshield wipers of your Nissan vehicle? Do you live in Connecticut cities Middletown, East Hampton, Meriden, Portland? Then Middletown Nissan is the place to go! In addition to getting help with the replacement process, you can also use Nissan coupons to get your replacement done at a discounted price. Whats more, it is so easy to have your wipers changed that youll be done and on your way in no time.

When should you change your windshield wipers?

Change your wipers at least once each year...continue reading

The 2020 Nissan Sentra is a subcompact car thats been highly-rated not just for its exemplary performance and tech and safety features, but also its incredible interiors. In this post, well go through all the features that make the Nissan Sentras interior design so desirable. Visit us at Middletown Nissan near Portland, Meriden, and East Hampton to marvel at the 2020 Nissan Sentra interior with your own eyes.

Redesigned Interiors

The 2020 Nissan Sentra saw a significant redesign to previous models, which has made...continue reading

There are several Nissan accessories that can be added to your ride when you get a Nissan from Middletown Nissan in East Hampton, Meriden, or Portland, Middletown, CT. The accessories available to you at Nissan of Middletown will depend on the particular car model you have. There are, however, some essential Nissan accessories you should consider getting for your vehicle that will help increase its functionality. These are as follows:

Blindspot Mirrors 

While many new Nissan models come with blind-spot monitors, its...continue reading