Nissan Global Award


Middletown Nissan is a proud recipient of the 2018 Nissan Global Award. This award is given to the “best of the best” – top 50 Nissan dealerships worldwide.

The Nissan Global Award honors dealers who achieve the Nissan Award of Excellence AND rank in the top 50 by retail sales volume in the US. This accolade is provided by Nissan Motor Company LTD in Japan to elite dealers around the world and we’re proud to have had our names among that A-list company.

The management at Middletown Nissan would like to thank all of our loyal customers from Connecticut and Massachusetts and beyond for continuing to do business with us over the years. We’re also gracious to our dedicated staff for their effort by always going the extra mile to ensure that our customers are treated right.  The result? Us getting the 2018 Nissan Global Award of Excellence.